Intrinsic’s Belmont Campus wins 2015 Lee J. Brockway Award

We are excited to announce that Intrinsic won the Lee J. Brockway Award for Renovation/Addition at the 2015 Exhibition of School Planning & Architecture! Here is a link to the submission & list of winners:

Intrinsic Featured in Charter Innovation Report by The Mind Trust & Public Impact

ARIANNA PROTHERO, EdWeek: “Charter schools—by definition meant to be experimental and unbeholden to traditional ways of schooling—need to be more innovative. That’s the primary finding of a report released Tuesday by the Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based pro-charter organization. Although the report says charters, specifically those serving low-income minority students in urban areas, outperform their district […]

Intrinsic featured on WTTW Chicago Tonight

BRANDIS FRIEDMAN: “Right away, when visitors walk into an Intrinsic Schools classroom, they notice its size. Each classroom holds roughly 50 to 60 students. Though, it’s counterintuitive to what research says about smaller classrooms, the school splits those students into multiple smaller groups. Different parts of the classroom allow for different types of teaching and […]

NGLC’S Dalia Hochman reports on a ‘Trip to the Windy City’

Dalia Hochman: “When you visit schools as much as we do, you come to realize that most innovative schools are based on a founding creation story. Melissa Zaikos’ inspiration for Intrinsic is rooted in her many years working with Chicago Public Schools and watching how technology was used (or not used) in varying schools. She […]

Education Week explores Intrinsic

Bryan Toporek: “Education leaders and architects have for years touted the benefits of designing schools to mesh with their academic missions—and to create healthy environments for students. The new Intrinsic campus, located in the working class Belmont-Cragin neighborhood, reflects that same philosophy, and one school’s interest in using blended learning and technology to support teaching […]

EdSurge’s Alex Hernandez on Innovation at Intrinsic

Alex Hernandez: “The school learned a lot in its first year, like the fact that futuristic rolling chairs can be used as bumper cars during independent learning time if work is not engaging. Utopian visions of perfectly self-motivated, independent learners were temporarily shelved. But Intrinsic overcame these early disappointments to become, in its second year, […]